Common Ground-Dove (Columbina passerina)

CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Common Ground-Dove (Columbina passerina)

While it has a common name of “common”, they are less prevalent at my place then their distant relatives the Mourning Dove. Smaller, they have an orange-colored bill with a black tip and when they take flight, you can see the underside of the wings is pinkish. The most distinguishing characteristic would be the scales on the neck. They do hang out with the Mourning doves and all feed in flocks in the grasses and on the gravel driveway where they are sure to also find flatcoil snails to snack on.


Note that despite being a “ground” dove, this guy was photographed on the roof of the house behind me 🙂

Photo below shows one (top) feeding with a Mourning Dove (bottom).



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