Great Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus)

CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Great Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus)

VERY vocal. I knew they were in the area before I ever saw them. The male is to the left (with the crest) and the female is on the right.

I was lucky a few years back to have them nest in one of my pine snags using an old woodpecker’s hole. Since that time the snags are disintegrating so they are nesting further down in the wooded area but still stop by to munch in the meadow.



  1. Now I know what you mean by “very vocal”… Oh my gosh… we had one in the front yard chirping at the top of it’s little lungs! What a character, and somewhat unafraid of us. I don’t see these very often – last year there was one on the fence, but it wasn’t singing. Anyway, thanks to your post I know what the little guy is. Thanks so much 🙂

    • Loret said:

      Glad I could help you with the I.D. They are funny birds. They make their nests using various items, including snake skins and celaphane. I have a picture somewhere of a female building a nest with what looks like packing tape hanging from her mouth. Thanks for stopping by~!

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