Leafhopper (Coelidia olitoria floridana)

CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Leafhopper (Coelidia olitoria floridana)

Sucks juices from plants, so can be a pest, but it is said to be a host for Clitemnestra bipunctata, a wasp so it has a beneficial side. source: http://bugeric.blogspot.com/2012/01/wasp-wednesday-clitemnestra-bipunctata.html .

Learn: http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu/~dietrich/subfam/coel.html

Line drawings: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt/search?q1=Coelidia%20olitoria;id=wu.89042666024;seq=260;start=1;size=100;page=search;num=246;orient=0

Shown on Florida Native Plant: NETTED PAWPAW (Asimina reticulata)



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