Acanthepeira venusta (Starbellied Orbweaver)

CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Acanthepeira venusta (Starbellied Orbweaver)

“It is exceedingly difficult to separate some Acanthepeira specimens from the southeastern United States and it appears that three species interbreed” source:

Because of the small size, I believe this is A. venusta.

Sets up web About 3-4 ft from ground daily beginning in late afternoon using the dried remains of a yellow colic root flower stem and some bluestem grasses. Has spent a couple of weeks at same location. Earlier in the day it stays stationary at the top of wildflower or dried stem.

Found eating stink bugs early on more than one day.

Shown on Florida Native Plant: Bluestem Grass(Andropogon sp)

Diet: insects


My take:



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