Jumping Spider (Hentzia palmarum)

CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Jumping Spider (Hentzia palmarum)

miniscule. I’m pretty sure I have the species correct and that it is female. At any rate the genus is the newest addition to my buggy life list. for size reference, photo depicts spider lying in a crotch where a less than 1 inch leaf connects to the stem of the saltbush.

Like other jumping spiders it had spun a silk “house” on a leaf to hide in.

Learn: http://salticidae.org/salticid/diagnost/hentzia/palmarum.htm

drawings: http://www.jumping-spiders.com/php/tax_drawings.php?id=2005

distribution of genus: http://salticidae.org/salticid/catalog/hentzia.htm

Shown on Florida Native Plant: SALTBUSH (Baccharis sp.)


  1. Loret said:

    Hi Charlie! it does amaze me that each week I can find at least one new-to-me species of either plant or critter in my own yard each week. This week I found 4! Who knew? 🙂

  2. I am always just amazed by the variation in the appearance and adaptions for the creatures that populate our earth.

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