CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Carpenter-mimic Leaf-cutter Bee (Megachile xylocopoides)

Black Leaf Cutter Bee

Subgenus Melanosarus.

Solitary native bee which uses patches from leaves to create nests. Similar in look to a carpenter bee, the leafcutters carry pollen on their abdomen rather than in leg baskets. Also, serves as a host for parasitic bees.



Shown on Florida Native Plant:  OAKLEAF FLEABANE (Erigeron quercifolius)



CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY:  Small Carpenter Bee (Ceratina sp. possibly dupla or C. floridana)


Tiny pollinator.  Nests in the pith of broken or burned plant twigs and stems.  Another reason to leave some plant debris and not be overly tidy in the garden.


The above literature only lists 2 species for Florida. The following adds more so this may well be considered: C. floridana

Shown on Florida Native Plant: QUEEN-DEVIL (Hieracium gronovii) aka Hawkweed